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Bulpitt & Sons Ltd was a brass founders established in the latter part of the 19th century. The “Swan Brand” name was registered by Bulpitt & Sons Ltd in the early part of the 20th century and was primarily used for their domestic range of polished aluminium products like frying pans, kettles, tea sets and jelly moulds.

In the 1920s, Bulpitts moved into electrical appliances including kettles, irons, heaters and steamers. They pioneered the first electric element that could be immersed in water. This was a very important breakthrough because it meant that a whole 6 pints of water could be boiled in just over 9 minutes. This led to a whole range of products based around their “immersion element”, including tea urns, kettles, steamers and coffee percolators. Later, they developed and patented a unique safety cut-out for kettles, where the connector would be automatically disconnected if the element overheated.

The Swan brand continued it’s success throughout the next few decades and became synonymous with solid, British manufacturing quality and innovation. There was a Swan branded product in virtually every home.

The three brands, Goblin, Judge and Swan became subsidiaries of BSR (Housewares) Ltd. Judge was a manufacturer of non-electrical housewares (pots & pans etc.). Goblin were manufacturers of electrical appliances including vacuum cleaners and their famous Goblin Teasmade – later to become the famous Swan Teasmade. The old factory at Camden Street was still making the water boilers for the Teasmade right up until 2006!

Present Day

The Swan Brand is now being developed and marketed, under license, by original Swan employees who possess the passion to see the Swan Brand become great again.

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